Commercial or Charter Flights to BBall Games

Saturday stuff to quibble about.

It appears Indiana Fever’s newest basketball player, Catlin Clark is being mobbed and followed as she travels to other cities to potentially play. It was bad in DFW Airport, Clark and her teammates were followed by reporters, with assorted other onlookers also wanting an eyeful of the star. The Indiana Fever team landed in Dallas via commercial air travel ahead of their preseason game against the Wings on Friday night.

What happened at DFW Airport is now being called an “incident,” with some calling for immediate changes in how the WNBA handles its travel. The “incident” then started going viral on social media … at which point media member Jemele Hill chimed in . . .

“Caitlyn Clark is hopefully going to force the charter flight issue in the WNBA the way Brittney Griner did,” Hill said on X – formerly known as Twitter. “It’s about safety and player health.”

Well? The WNBA “only allows charter flights on back-to-backs during the regular season and in the postseason,” One team, The Liberty was fined $500K for going against league rules and providing charters for their players. 

Is this an economics issue? In the sense that Corporations make money off of their contracted players, why not offer them a safer way to travel rather than through a public airport? They are investments.

The news media is reconsidering the mob scene scenario.

In any case, why not charter flights? It does make sense.

Caitlin Clark ‘Airport Incident’: Does WNBA Need New Rules?