Cost Plus Drugs has added 5 new products

I get quite a few commentaries on healthcare and also announcements. I thought I would follow Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs site for a while. I can vouch for the lower cost drugs I use are close to what Mark’s business is citing. If anyone see one of these drugs is of a lesser cost, please check Mark Cuban’s “Cost Plus Drugs” site for accuracy.

The latest . . .

Homepage of Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs

Mark announces Cost Plus Drugs has added 5 new products to our online pharmacy! We’ve included the full list below so you can check to see if your medication was added. Click on the medication names below to see pricing and product information. See below . . .

I encourage you to go to Mark Cuban’s site and verify what you need and the pricing shown here. Do so to make sure I am correct. The pricing appears to be less than marketplace pricing. There is more information at Mark’s site also.

As I see new product in his emails, I will attempt to add them here so you can see them and take advantage of Mark’s pricing.