Basketball and Watching an Amazing Player

Catlin Clark. It is amazing to watch this young woman play. And then there is me! Small m.

I played street ball, YMCA ball, league ball, high school, and a bit of college before the Marine Corps snatched me up. At 6 feet and just shy of 6’1″. I was a thunker. I could get my hand over the rim but not the ball. The ball would hit the rim and you could hear the thunk-sound in the gym. Hence, a thunker.

It was fun though.

Catlin is putting up an average 32 points a game, 8 assists, 7 rebounds, 48% on baskets. 3-pointers is looking pretty damn good too. Both are damn good. My average was 12 points a game. High was 19 points. Low was 3 points when all I did was carry and pass. I do not know the rest, but I was deadly at the blue line. I was good but not great like Catlin.

What is sad is hearing all the damn negatives coming out. Heard similar with Hank Aaron.

Here we have a person who can play some ball and some are not happy she “will” break the record of their idol. It happened to Babe Ruth who was our idol. Now it is going to happen to their idol. This amazing lady is going to bust some records and set a few of her own that someone else will break later on. Fortunately, I am here to witness Catlin doing so. It gives me the privilege of seeing the next basketball player coming along and breaking Catlin’s. With a grin I say it and a pox on the naysayers.

Caitlin Clark facing scrutiny ahead of setting new NCAA scoring record (

When did they change how you dribble the ball? If I was allowed to carry like they do. Add ten points to my average – ka-ching. And a I could have been!

Amazing basketball player. Did I mention Catlin’s passes on the run? Or the behind the back layups? Maybe I can go back and change my style?

Caitlin Clark 2023-24 Stats per Game – NCAAW – ESPN

Caitlin Clark is a basketball star. That has a lot to do with soccer (