A Scent of Evil

Read a couple of articles this morning. One by Slate and the other by Newsweek. Sneezing away here and not feeling up to par.

I am not going to post them here. Just too long, even if I made the print smaller. My perspective? I thought they were both good. Maybe you will think differently. There is sense of evil in both of the articles.

Ivanka Trump Instagram: The former adviser to the president has slipped back into her rose-colored bubble, SLATE, Greg Olear.

The tragedy in all of this is that Ivanka speaking out against Donald would have mattered. Ivanka speaking out would have had real power. Ivanka speaking out would have saved lives. Yes, there was a price she would have had to pay for speaking out—her father is a petty, vengeful f*ck—but there is also a cost for staying silent. All those preventable COVID deaths brought on by Trump’s and Jared Kushner’s negligent mismanagement of the pandemic response? The officers who died on Jan. 6? All the pregnant women with inviable pregnancies who can’t get abortions? All the teenage rape victims in the red states? That blood is on her hands too. And no amount of the fancy beauty products she touts on her Instagram page will wash it off.

GoFundMe Responds to Calls To Shut Down Donald Trump Fundraiser, Newsweek on MSN, Kate Plummer.

Speaking to Newsweek, a spokesperson from the platform confirmed that the page, which was set up for the former president on Friday, following Judge Arthur Engoron‘s ruling that Trump will have to pay roughly $355 million in penalties for fraud, was “within its terms and services” despite people voicing their concerns about it on social media.