Who’s in Charge Here ?

By “here” I refer to my home town Washington DC. The answer, obviously, is that Binyamin Netanyahu is in charge there. At least he has much more influence over US Federal Government spending than the guy wincing in the photo. Both Biden and Netanyahu know that Netanyahu has much more support in the US Congress than Biden and both understand that Congress can control spending, sometimes by over riding vetos.

Biden has the impossible task of attempting to conduct US foreign policy (with the advice and consent of the Senate) when that involves dealing with someone who has more influence over US policy than he does. Importantly, they both understand this perfectly.

Netanyahu is powerful, because he has the support of a narrow majority in the Knesset, a solid majority in the US Senate and an overwhelming majority in the US House of Representatives.

Who will save us from the humiliation of watching our president being kicked around by the prime minister of a small distant country ?

Obviously the citizens of that small distant country except for the 15% of them who approve of Netanyahu. Bibi can get what he wants from the US Congress but no coalition which supports him can win a majority in the Knesset.

He is a sinking ship about to find out which of his MK supporters are about to leave because they are rats. I think it is safe to say that any member of the Knesset who would even consider supporting Netanyahu must be a rat and that they will all leave soon.

Of course Netanyahu will be replaced by another Israeli Prime Minister who will have more influence over congress than the US President. However that guy (Ganz) or gal (Livi but not likely) will not have quite as profound an understanding of US parliamentary politics as Netanyahu (who’s expertise on that subject completely dwarfs Robert Waldmann’s feeble attempts to understand what the hell is going on) and will probably not have Netanyahu’s single minded dedication to the quest for power obtained by any means necessary, because not many people have such pure,devote, and complete dedication to anything.