Hey, Its Employment at Will!

Most state laws back the company when it comes to employment. Plus, you don’t have the cash to make a fight out of it. So move on to something better, forget them, do something great, chalk it up to experience, learn from it, and ask the right questions the next go around.

Being let-go happens. Reasons could be because of the economy, job is transferred, boss does not like you, or maybe you are just to slow at acclimating to the company environment. I have run into some real idiots during my time of being an employee. This is kind of an interesting take as a “fired” employee turns the tables on the company. At the company, the head muck-amuck is astounded this occurred under his watch.

Lest we forget, the head person creates the company environment.

Tech company employee goes viral, filming her firing, and sharing it on media. Of course, she was the recipient of much public support given the revealing of what took place. One cardinal rule in managing people is, you do not trash them as you are letting them go. You already gave them the worst that could happen to them. Retaliation time . . .

They need to have reasons why it is not working.

Why make it worst by attacking their integrity. At that point, the employee proved how intelligent she really was, by asking questions in return to which there were no good answers. She video tapes the conversation with the two bumpkins who were not her manager. Neither were they from the personnel department which is the next mistake made. The third potential mistake? Personnel never knows what is going on with the employee. They get reports.

The manager should have been the person doing the firing or at least been there.

Asking why you are being let-go and not being given a reason is a lack of respect for the employee. No one should be fired or laid-off without being given a reason. Being told by your manager you are doing a good job, you have three months to do more, flies in the face of not measuring up. And then claiming they are not measuring up to performance expectations when none were outlined is an attack on the employee’s integrity. How could she know?

Do not attack integrity.

Do not insult people when you are doing the worst you can to them. You will get payback if that person is smart. In which case, the employee was smart. Recorded the back and forth conversation with the two bumpkins. And then it goes viral with the video.

What was the right way?

This does not sound like the employees’ fault to me. This was probably a layoff, change in direction, etc. Why make it bad? Call the employee in, explain what is going on, offer up two weeks of severance, healthcare for the month, and cut ties as graciously as one can.

Then her complaint could have been the company changed direction, gave me a couple of weeks of severance, and a month of healthcare. Why not, it was the company’s mistake.

The CEO did not know it? Yeah right. Recruiting people, not giving them expectations, and firing them after a short period of time is not normal.

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