We have always had the crazy

On this day when we like to review the whacky, crazy crap that has happened, here is something that fits. Though, not from last year. It is easy to see how conspiracy develops when learning of such past. It’s not just the uneducated that create the nuttiness. It is not just the lack of knowledge that will lead oneself down the rabbit hole. We seem to have a knack for creating institutional lunacy from the application of deference. Add some pompous to the mix and wah lah…socially accepted nutso. The theory: Societal stature and in this instance, posture suggest betterment.

And to think people paid extra for the bestowment of Ivy League credentials.

The “Great Ivy Leaue Nude Posture Photo Scandal”

Happy New Year. Here’s hoping we do better defining whatever we endeavor to define.