Past Voting Practices and People Wonder Why?

Reading way too many comments about not voting or not voting for Biden. We backed away from Clinton in 2016 and we got a morally defunct almost a fascist or maybe a want-a-be as the president. In 2020, Biden was not my first choice either. I had seen too many times the impact of his programs coming out of the Senate. However, he did carry us through a pandemic with various positive economic programs. He was the right man for the job and the issues.

The alternative today is trump again. People tend to call him a fascist. Others say differently. Roger Griffin, emeritus professor in modern history, Oxford Brookes University. “I don’t even think that (fascist) is in his mind. He is an exploiter, he’s a freeloader. He’s a wheeler and dealer. And that is not the same as an ideologue.”

I tire of having to deal with an HOA who is just in it for the money as sponsored by the Declarant and the developers. Our HOA Representative is tethered to her job with the Declarant. She says in every message to the homeowners, “I am excited and thrilled” to discuss the fixing of the aeration of the ponds (which they call lakes), etc. It has been only two years in the making and a bunch of story telling by the former HOA Representative. She wonders why no one takes her seriously.

I tire of listening to the whining and complaining about 2016 and the complaints about the Electoral College. Yes, the EC has its issues and no we can not fix them completely. We do more whoa’s-me than dealing with the issues at hand. Win. I did an analysis of what took place as I tired of listening to the supposition and conjecture dialogue. It is pretty -simple.

Three states did the 2016 election in for Democrats. It was not because Trump had voting landsides. It was because people decided not to vote or to vote for other things besides Democrats. Why is this any different than a HOA Representative who offers up silly platitudes? We spend large amounts of time trying to justify our actions rather than dealing with the Electoral College. Rather than trying to fix an unfixable issue in the short term. The real issue is getting people out to vote for our candidate Biden. What really happened in 2016?

Here are the voting numbers from 2012, 2016, and 2020.

The numbers in red are those who voted for “others” in three states in 2012, 2016, and 2020. As you can see 2016 was a big year for voting for “others.” As you can also see, the turnout was less in 2016 than in 2012 for Democrats. Not surprised . . . also only in Michigan did more Repubs turn out for trump. What a surprise there!

Here is a different look at it.

Some, much, all the time I hear about the Electoral College this or that and how unfair it is. So what would have happened if people had voted Democrat in 2016 rather than for “others.” Dem voting was down in 2016 as compared to 2012. Only in Pennsylvania and Michigan did Repubs turn out biggly. Dems were down in 2016. The Others vote for Mickey Mouse, your dog, etc. were up. I am assuming much of the others vote was disgruntled Democrats who did not want a woman as president or did not like the Clintons.

The Electoral College had nothing to do with trump being elected. And yes, the popular vote was greater for Dems. So what, that is not our system today.

Way to go Democrats!