Open Thread December 17 2023 Re-Arming Ukraine

Open Threads are created for people to have conversations which may not fit in with topical posts . . . a comment which may be off topic. I usually offer up one topic to start a conversation.

Many think it is ok to abandon a nation threatened by a global threat in the form of Russia. Or it could be a threatening China, etc. intimidating other countries. J.P. Jefferson sums it up rather well.

The absurdity of mixing three distinctively different issues into one package demanding an up or down vote is now on display at the D.C. center stage. 

“One of the issues, continuing Ukraine funding, holds in the balance the future of democracy in the free world (including the South China Sea) and the potential of WWIII and nuclear holocaust. The other two issues, the Israel-Hamas conflict and the U.S. Border crisis, are very significant on a different scale; but all demand individual debate, deliberation, and decisions that are not related in any way except that the U.S. provides funding to each. Each should be dealt with separately, with full transparency, and Ukraine funding should have the highest priority.”

Open Thread December 11 the “Kelly Parcel,” Utah, Angry Bear,