My turn in the barrel

In August 2020, I got my first jab of the Moderna COVID vaccine as part of their Phase III trial. One month later, I got the booster. 12 hrs after that, I had the classic symptoms–headache, fever, muscle and joint pain–indicating that I was in the vaccine arm of the trial and not the control. I went on to get a blood draw and have myself tested to confirm the inference. Since then, I’ve had three additional jabs, most recently about three weeks ago. I’ve been pretty assiduous about social distancing.

Last night, I slept fitfully with congestion and a mild cough. No fever or headache, but that may be because I took an ibuprofen. Since I was scheduled for a dental checkup, I tested myself with a home kit and came up mildly but unambiguously positive. So my luck ran out. Guess I was overdue. Probably was exposed during our Thanksgiving trip to Colorado.

The COVID vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting COVID, but it can keep you out of the ED and the morgue. So far, things aren’t any worse and I still have my sense of smell. Age is a co-morbidity for COVID, and I’m over 65, so I’m glad to be vaccinated. I’m hoping I don’t get long COVID.

Be sure your shots are up to date, peeps!