Something Controversial to Discuss on Saturday


My Background? XMarine Sergeant E5 served 68-71. Not an 0311. Was made a Sergeant a couple of months into my third year. Excellent shot with M14. Served during the Vietnam years when the US did most of the fighting. US pulls out and South Vietnam collapses.

US assists Afghanistan in fighting. Does most of the fighting and trains their military. Trump plans a pullout and Biden does it. Afghanistan collapses.

Russia attacks Ukraine. Ukrainians push the overrated Russians back away from Kyiv. US supplies the Ukraine with weapons. Few if any US military involved. Congress is second guessing whether to supply Ukraine. News and blog pundits suggest Russia is winning which should have happen a year ago. Republicans want to pullout to embarrass Biden. Ceding land to Russia will only bring future attacks.

No US military in Ukraine. Russian economy on verge of collapse. Why not supply Ukraine?