Thanksgiving holiday, travel, and family.

Dan and I would put up holiday salutations each holiday. It was customary for both of us to do so. Many of you, we have known for a long time. We appreciate your reading Angry Bear and your comments to our posts. I hope you all spend time with family and friends today. Time is fleeting in life.

My wife and I were standing in line at a nice restaurant when Chicago’s O’Hare airport terminal was much smaller than it is these days. We were young then. Behind us were two businessmen in suits when that was the uniform of the day for travel.

The maître d’ came to us and offered a table for 4 to us. Turning to the two businessmen behind us, I invited them to sit with us after getting an ok from my pretty wife to do so. It was a holiday trip to visit family and the airport was packed. They were traveling home.

We did not ask them to do so and they paid for our meals.

Maybe some time while traveling on a busy holiday, you can pass on a favor or act of kindness to a stranger also.

Be safe in your travels.

We will catch up with you on Friday.



Happy Thanksgiving Bears, 2022, Angry Bear.