How Do We Make Biden Look Younger?

We can’t. He is what he is. Biden sounds and acts old. I did not like him as a senator, He opposed any student loan relief. He also made it more difficult to get relief. As a president, he is different.

If we are to pick a president who has shown rather weak thinking, I would pick on George Bush Jr. To back this up, I offer you the marriage quotes. I will not offer you any of them, the link is there, and on every quote (83), he claims the man married well just like he did. I sometimes wonder who ran the office for him. Supposedly 911 threw him for a loop. In comparison, Bush Biden has managed a pandemic, the economy, a poorly planned withdrawal by a former president, etc. And we may not slip into a severe recession (New Deal democrat).

Kevin Drum has some thoughts also.

Kevin Drum adds:

There is, obviously, not much that can be done about the fact that Biden reads as old. But having now listened to a number of Biden’s recent speaking gigs, there’s really no question that this is solely about his physical appearance. Cognitively, Biden is perfectly normal. The worst he ever does is the occasional verbal flub, a longtime Biden habit.

Agree with him or not, he says what he means to say and has obviously run the White House to his own specifications. He withdrew from Afghanistan despite internal qualms. He continued negotiating with Joe Manchin even though much of his staff hated the guy. He is staunchly pro-Israel in the face of a virtual staff revolt. He thinks Xi Jinping is a dictator and has repeated this through the grimaces of his Secretary of State.

Contrast that with Donald Trump, who doesn’t read as old but can barely remember who the president is, who he’s run against in the past, and how many world wars we’ve had.

We can either have the charade of an active president with a deteriorating mind behind it, or we can have an actual active president with a strong mind but physical limitations. Which would you rather have?


AB Again: I do not believe his mind is deteriorating as much as he is forgetful due to the amount of pressure on him. He has done more than many younger presidents.

I left a correction in my words. Ten Bears noticed my error and shot me an email. I had already corrected it as I received his email.

Being old means I also miss some things which the super sharp young guy I used to be would not have missed. My mind tussles with how to make AB better, keep it alive, and attract new writers. Correct wording fits in there somewhere. I think I lack for enough RAM to handle all the input.