Pick the greater of Two Threats

As reported by Crooks and Liars . . .

Shirtless man with a holstered handgun, went to the Wisconsin governor’s office on the first floor of the Wisconsin state recently. State Department of Administration spokesperson Tatyana Warrick said, the man was demanding to see the governor who at that time was not in the building.

The man was taken into custody for openly carrying a firearm in the Capitol, which is against Wisconsin law. Weapons can be brought into the Capitol if they are concealed and the person has a valid permit. Side note: The man arrested did not have a concealed carry permit. He later returned with a rifle.


Ten years ago and at the orders of the Republicans, the Capitol police were cracking down and arresting fully-dressed and unarmed people (protesters I assume) for singing union songs inside the Capitol Rotunda. The arrests also went as far as “going to their homes to nab those inspired singing culprits.” Lousy singer or miss a note and you go to jail.

Armed Gunman Enters Wisconsin Capitol Twice In One Day, Crooks and Liars, Chris capper Liebenthal.