HPV vaccine FTW!

Vaccination is one of the great triumphs of humanity over infectious disease. Smallpox was such a plague that George Washington mandated inoculation for all Continental soldiers in 1777. Prior to the polio vaccine, most Americans knew a friend or relative who contracted polio; today, it’s virtually unheard of, just like mumps and whooping cough.

The COVID vaccines, particularly the mRNA vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer, are a triumph of genetic engineering. If you’ve been vaccinated, it will almost certainly keep you out of the ED and the morgue.

Sadly, there are some politicians and media personalities who lie about vaccines. RFK, Jr has made his brand as an anti-vaxxer. Tens of millions have been vaccinated against COVID—where are the tens of millions of vaccine deaths? Does anyone seriously believe that deaths on such a scale could be covered up by Fauci and Biden? Get a grip!

The success of HPV vaccines hasn’t been attacked by the American right-wing extremists, perhaps because it’s mostly female lives that have been saved:

“Cervical cancers are 87 lower among women who were part of the first mass vaccination program in the UK against the human papillomavirus (HPV), compared to previous generations at the same age. The finding, announced in The Lancet, was expected in the light of evidence vaccines control the cancer’s predecessors. Nevertheless, with thousands of lives on the line, it’s important to be sure, and the results are at the upper end of expectations. The announcement also confirms how much damage was done by anti-vaccination campaigns that hindered programs in some countries.”

HPV vaccines a huge success