Now I’m angry with Gmail

Sorry to be so boring, but now I am angry with Gmail. It seems to me that Alphabet has adopted Elong Musk’s approach to customer service, programming, and destroying value.

I wanted to send an e-mail and surfed to

I was directed on to screenshot below. Notice there is no otion to use the e-mail site to send an e-mail.

I have to click on the 3 horizontal lines to get “show main menu” then

What conceivable logic is there to making the page less functional this way ? What happens to people who don’t know the rule “when a web site messess up click on the 3 horizontal lines.” Who is responsible for these choices ? What is going on ?

Chrome is still sending me to the “errore di privacy” because it does not recognize the certificate which it used to recognize. I can’t use Chrome to post here (oops I have confessed that I still use Chrome when I can in spite of swearing not to).

Is anyone else noticing Google/Alphabet messing up these days ?