Denial and the Law

For those old enough to remember the 1960s, the denials of the oil companies these days have a certain ring. Back then smokers were dying and the tobacco companies lying. Then Bogie, Ty, Errol, Clark, and Coop. Finally, it was all too much. Hollywood was good at dying. But, the real thing? Reality hits. Big Tobacco was real good at lying and hiring Senators who wail about livelihoods, theirs and others, being dependent. It was the lying what did it, in the Senate. To some of the same who took the money. Took nigh on 30 years in total to stop after we all knew.

Big oil? Been 30 years and the jig is yet not up. Rigs would have been down but for the free marketing going on in the Senate. The good old boys sold us out again for a few shekels. Mostly the same people from the same states what did it. Not really them, of course; their reincarnates. You see, it’s in the blood. Still at creation and bloodlines. Not up to genetics yet.

Speaking of reincarnates, There is the House Freedom Caucus. Even the faces are the same. As before “The Lost Cause”, aka, the Civil War; my way or the highway. Halftime is over, they say. Eerie hearing some of the rhetoric coming from the very halls, the very same states; from the ghosts of the long gone past like Preston Brooks to Chip Roy. And still, another ignorant loud-mouth asshole. 160 years and not much has changed.

Governor Kay Ivey is the latter-day, smiling George Wallace. 60 years and not much has changed. Marinated? Pickled? How in the hell do they do it?

No doubt about it; none for years now. The cause is greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels. Yet, as then, their paid liars in the Senate, in lockstep, deny it. As then, again the suits are beginning to be filed. Elderly Swiss women, kids in Montana, Puerto Rico; and states, and cities, filing suits. Oh my! They lied to us and knew it. That’s RICO! Please make it quick. From Plessy to Brown nigh on to 60 years; from WWI to Brown, 37. We haven’t much time. For sure, not 60, not even 30 years.

Not in the Roberts Court, you say? What the hell will be their excuse?

The economics of it are: They, Big Oil and Big Coal, want to be bought out. Their books say $ trillions in reserves. End the burning and they are worth $zero as in zilch. They know that eventually, as with segregation and tobacco, they will lose in court (this going backward is new for the Supreme Court, for the nation — can’t last). Running the numbers, the world should make them an offer they can’t refuse. The head of Chevron clears about $24 million/yr; BP’s CEO, more. Both made millions off inflation; taking it out of the working class’s pocket. Hold the CEOs responsible. It’s time to sue the piss out of them. Zero them out.