Good Morning

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Denver on a road trip. And just starting out at 7:00 AM my time.

The goal is to assist my youngest son in getting established in a newer house. Dad has the know-how and the tools to do things. With that being said, my time at AB will be limited. I think Dan may be in and out when he is feeling well. I will take a moment or two to survey the place. If you comment, I will read it.

Been a while since I road-tripped by myself. Going through the mountains and the desert. My VW Passat is a good road-tripper and gets good mileage. The drawback of $4.89 a gallon for something that should be priced lower (unless you are trying to discourage driving) is another form of rent-taking. I can get 40 miles to the gallon at 70 mph. Beats the gas and diesel road hogs called pickup trucks.

Pricing manipulation of the supply-chain is in vogue. They learned how to price gouge without having a real shortage back in 2008 when they did have shortages (think about it). Chips is one example of such a practice. The cost of manufacturing did not increase. They figured out they could do it. Aaaannnddd you could not do anything about it.

Be safe and enjoy life. I will be happy to see this son again.