Gag Order for Trump?

“The founder of the conservative “Article III Project” attorney Mike Davis

‘If this judge imposes a gag order on Trump, that should be immediately appealable,” he insisted. “The gag orders protect the defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial. And defendants have First Amendment rights. So, if the defendant wants to speak, I can’t understand why a judge would put a gag order on that.'”

As reported at Crooks and Liars, David Edwards.

Why? It could be true trump could reveal incriminating evidence. Although, trump babbling about his innocence could also taint the potential pool of jurors. He is a national figure and has a large following. As it is, it will be difficult to find a jury which does not have ill or supportive feelings about trump.

The trump team could argue a gag order could impede his presidential aspirations too.