What to watch most for in this Friday’s jobs report

What to watch most for in this Friday’s jobs report

 – by New Deal democrat

After a two week drought, this week a plethora of economic stats get reported. Most importantly for my purposes that includes house prices, construction spending, the ISM manufacturing report, and of course on Friday nonfarm payrolls.

Speaking of which, 3 of the 5 short leading indicators that haven’t rolled over yet are included in the jobs report – construction and manufacturing employment, and short term unemployment. 

Since there aren’t any reports today, and since I’ve suddenly picked up a bunch of new followers at Seeking Alpha (probably because my articles document the economy sliding towards recession, which always seems to appeal to more folks than saying the economy is expanding or OK), I’ve posted a nice article there going into detail about what to look for in this Friday’s jobs report.

Clicking over and reading will not just give you the details, but hopefully give me enough coin to cover another lunch at my favorite watering hole.

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