Nous sommes dans le changement

Indeed we are. Tout les mond sommes dans le changement. Change comes sometimes fast, sometimes slow; but always, inexorably. Still and yet, some would deny, attempt to slow down or even stop change. Too few recognize it when they see it.

Throughout history, blood has flowed like rivers resultant efforts to slow down or stop change. Our own Civil War, ‘The Great War’, … . Then, they couldn’t, didn’t want to see the changes that were taking place. Today; Putin and Xi; Assad, Erdoğan, Myanmar’s Junta, and Khomeini; Evangelicals and Hasidics; The American Petroleum Institute and The Federalist Society; the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys; even Saints Mitch and Donald, as did Lewis Powell and William Rehnquist afore them, ride forth to slay the dragon Change that threatens the village that was.

Nothing they can do to stop change. Feudalism is long gone. So emperorism and csarism. Dictatorship is going. Theocracy is going. Capitalism and white supremacy are going and gone. Like the tides, like the floods that came to Pakistan when the glaciers melted, change cometh. Their is an exercise in futility. Much worse, their efforts to stop change will wreak suffering and death upon innocents. In the long run, in the face of change, there’s nothing we can do but change.

That said, there are times when we do need to stop the Putins, Xis, Assads, Erdoğans, Myanmar’s Juntas, Khomeinis, Evangelicals, Hasidics, The American Petroleum Institutes, The Federalist Societies, the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, and the Saints Mitch and Donald from stopping change; from doing great harm.

Change threatens our beliefs. Beliefs are held tight, tell us what’s right or wrong; weren’t made for changing. Change means coming to terms with beliefs that are no longer, maybe never were, right. Changes trouble our beliefs. Change challenges us to think; thinking makes us uneasy.

Change is not always easy. Today, Climate Change threatens livelihoods, governments, life itself. No denying – nostra culpa. Climate Change is changing the world for the worse. Now, we must change; though it’ll not be easy, there is nothing we can do but.

Sometimes change is, or should be, easy. Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines, will change the world for the better. Still and yet, some resist. Indeed, we are in change.