New Guidance for States to Stop Charging Parents for Foster Care

States Should Use New Guidance to Stop Charging Parents for Foster Care, Prioritize Family Reunification,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities,, Diana Azevedo-McCaffrey. This article was referenced at “Mike’s Blog Round Up,” Crooks and Liars, by Batocchio, on October 22, 2022.

The Health and Human Services (HHS) Administration for Children & Families is allowing states to end the practice of charging parents for costs associated with their child being in foster care. If a child is in foster care, there is a good chance the family is suffering economically. Charging for foster care imposes additional hardship potentially delaying a family reunification. The administration costs are not recouped by the funds collected in most cases.

Some states require all parents to pay child support while their child is in foster care. Federal law only requires states to issue orders to Title IV-E families. The fees fall heavily on families with very low incomes which in some cases why a child may go to foster care.

.Recognition of the problems raised by the existing approach of collecting costs, the new guidance makes it easier for states to stop referring children in foster care to the child support agency for collection. This new process avoids issuing support orders against parents for the cost of children’s care.

Research reveals the requiring of families to reimburse state and federal governments for the costs of foster care services is not in anyone’s best interests. It harms children and the families. Fees charged to families with low incomes, compounds their economic hardship and delays families’ reunification.

An estimated 85 percent of families investigated by Child Protection Services have incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty line. This suggests that families at this level of incomes are more likely to encounter child welfare services at some point during their lives than other families. Low income can impede parents from supplying basic necessities.

About the only thing I read in this piece is how do they supplement income? Catchup on this later. Feel free to fill this par in.