Don’t Cry for Arizona Yet, We Are Getting There

I am sitting here in Arizona in Pinal County. Pinal County is a small and rapidly growing county. The small city I live-in is growing with leaps and bounds. Builders are adding homes with a rapidity I have never seen before. Or at least they were till recently.

Mortgage rates, greedy builder’s prices, and the supply chain have caused the market to slow. The pricing of our home jumped $10,000 a week after we bought it. I had already locked in a 30-year assumable VA loan at less than 2.75%, kept my cash, and went in with a much lower down payment than ever before. Not rich, but we are comfortable.

The housing and business market will more than likely be sustained due to a large aquifer. Such a resource also leads to carelessness in usage and also poor planning. In the end, I suspect the builder influenced community will blow themselves up with poor stewardship of resource.

However, this is not the prime reason for this post. Like you, I have been watching the national election.

Democrats should send the SCOTUS Fab-6 a thank-you card for their Roe v Wade decision plus other decisions not following precedent (stare decisis) pre-election. By following tricky – John Robert’s plan, Roe v Wade would not have been totally reversed till after the election. And then people would not have woke up to the threat of a renegade court. SCOTUS decisions can still be reined in by acts of Congress if they chose to act on it.

Moving on . . . To the north of where I live is Maricopa County. It is the largest county in Arizona by population. It is one the most heavily populated counties in the nation. I am sure you are aware by now of the slowness in which Maricopa County is reporting the results of the national election. Candidate for Governor Kari Lake is jumping up and down demanding reasons why there is delayed election results.

One reason for this is the closeness of the Arizona races.

Just a bit of background to acquaint AB readers. Maricopa County, Arizona has a majority Republican Board of Supervisors. The person running the tabulation of the votes is also a Republican. Indeed, most all of the county’s leaders are Republican.

Kari, trump, and others can’t blame the Democrats for delays in the tabulation of the votes.

However, no one in the news is talking about the Republican-run county either. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the next pony-express rider to come into Pinal Couty with the election updates. The mid-term 2022 elections does appear to have crappy election vote reporting. It is interesting, no one is saying Republican managed Maricopa County in the news.

As reported by NPR, why is this year voting tabulation so much slower?

We do know Maricopa County is the most populated county in Arizona and also one of the largest in the nation. Also, Arizona’s voting laws are also partially to blame for the long wait for vote totals. Arizona Voters have changed their voting behavior in response to all the misinformation circulating about mail-in ballots. A vote tabulator in the county suggests,

“There has been a narrative around voting by mail that it is ripe with fraud and . . . you shouldn’t trust it.”

Gee, I wonder who saying such?

This is totally untrue. US Postmaster Louis DeJoy efforts in messing around with the mail just before an election were blunted in 2020. Even so stamped or unstamped delivery of mail-in-ballots have not been and are not an issue.

Republican story-telling has been the issue. The assembly of armed guards at the drop-off polling boxes does make people nervous. People are also filling out their ballots at home and dropping them off at the polling places on election day. Mind you. Louis DeJoy is working hard to slow down the delivery of the mail in the future by installing a more complex system. The new system shifts unreimbursed costs to Mail Carriers and will logistically slow the mail in the future.

Same NPR commenter:

“It’s typical for Maricopa County to see about 180,000 ballots be turned in on Election Day. When I was there for that decade that was kind of the standard number.”

Except this year, the numbers of Election Day ballot drop-off jumped to 290,000. Is it due to distrust of the USPS and polling drop-boxes, or the armed vigilantes at the drop-boxes causing the delay of election drop-offs?

Arizona’s Governor candidate Princess Kari Lake says the first thing she will do once in office is to get rid of the tabulating machines which mistakenly dropped one-in-five votes while counting. The only problem with her first thing being done? Katie Hobbs still leads the demanding Princess Kari Lake by a growing number of votes.

In Arizona, we wish this election would soon end as we tire of the circus caused by trump, Ms. Lake, and Republicans. We need to get to more important things such as how to restart an economy, trump-appointed Fed Chair Powell is trying to drown in the toilet with increasing Fed Rates.

The latest voting completion results show 83% of the Arizona vote. Kelly is in and some Congressional Dems have lost. AZ Dem candidate for Secretary of State has won over an insurrectionist. The Treasurer position has gone to a Repub. AZ Governor and Attorney General appears to be going Dem.

Not a bad mid-term haul for Democrats.