He thought they were migrants on the bus

This is kind of an interesting story. It shows how crazy some of us and it also shows a presence in our military too. Active or reservist military are not supposed to be doing this.

Here we have an off-duty officer of the Massachusetts Army National Guard following a busload of senior citizens in a dangerous manner . . . tailgating. He then confronts them when they reach their hotel.

An off-duty Massachusetts National Guard Lt. Colonel aggressively follows and confronts a tour bus full of senior citizens,” Cape Cod Times, Eric Williams

A tour bus bringing senior citizens to their East Falmouth hotel on Sept. 19 was aggressively pursued by a National Guard officer from Joint Base Cape Cod. He thought the bus was carrying migrants due to a Tallahassee, Florida sign on the side of the bus.

Soon to get a reprimand Lt. Col. Christopher Hoffman, 51, of the Massachusetts Army National Guard recorded his pursuit of the bus on Facebook Live. Christopher thought the bus was part of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ kidnapping of supposedly illegal immigrants. To make the matter worse, he can be heard praising DeSantis on the live stream video. 

The nighttime pursuit along Route 28 south continued for approximately 10 miles.  Going from the vicinity of the Bourne Rotary to the Admiralty Inn & Suites, 51 Teaticket Highway in East Falmouth, terrifying the passengers.   

Of course, everyone on the bus was complimenting him for his close order driving behind the bus with his brights on. The police did come and their report shows he was a bit off in his thinking. And the National Guard?

“The Massachusetts National Guard considers the conduct of this soldier to be inappropriate and inconsistent with our military values,” Col. Mark Kalin, Commander, Massachusetts Army National Guard, said in a statement to the Times.

“We are currently working to ensure our service member is evaluated and receives any services he may need, while also reviewing appropriate disciplinary actions. The incident is currently under investigation and no further information is available at this time.”

You don’t get to harass the civilians no matter where you served. And somebody praising DeSantis has issues.