Total Hypocrisy, Franken Pushed Back on GOP

I listened to this and it angers me.

First, we hear from Justice Roberts about barricades around SCOTUS after Roe v Wade. Not one word about the barricades being erected after the January 6 riots at the Capitol. Erected due to violent protest causing injury, death, and destruction at the Capitol.

The next stop after the Capitol was supposed to be SCOTUS on January 6. “Barricades surrounding Capitol in wake of the Jan. 6 riot now coming down” – ABC News (

In the video:

Roberts: “It was gut-wrenching to drive into work and see barricades . . .” due to Dobbs protesters expressing their rights to do so. It was always in Robert’s plan or head to strike down abortion. But to do it after the 2022 elections. The more rabid of the Federal Society Justices took it up and forced the issue before the issue.

A divided court issued its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, doing precisely that, on June 24. Thousands of demonstrators marched at the court in the weeks following the ruling. During one protest, more than 180 people were arrested for blocking traffic. The security fence prevented protesters from approaching the court’s steps or marble plaza.

People are supposed to remain silent when legislature and the courts fail them, since when? When can’t they peacefully protest a bad decision?

“Security fencing around court is removed, but building remains closed to public” SCOTUSblog after Dobbs.

Thousands marched. No one stormed the building. No one enter the building. 180 protesters were arrested for blocking traffic.

It was “gut-wrenching” for Roberts. And January 6th with the threats to SCOTUS after the Capitol was sacked? Crickets .

“It was gut wrenching” when people showed up after the flawed Dobbs decision and protested.

“‘Total hypocrisy’: Franken pushes back on GOP strategist over SCOTUS” – Democratic Underground, September 10, 2022

Franken is angry and the GOP Strategist will not admit to the hypocrisy of Republicans led by McConnell.