Marking My Beliefs About Weapons to Market 2 (Military 3/N)

On April 1 2022 I wrote

“I score Robert 4 Pentagon 0.

I currently oppose the F-35 procurement program.

No score yet.”

I didn’t know that 4 days earlier on March 28 2022 Valerie Insinna had published “F-35 cuts, F-15 boost, and E-3 replacement: Air Force’s $170B budget makes big moves in FY23

“the biggest and most controversial moves are found in the department’s $29.3 billion procurement account — including $1.7 billion to buy an unspecified number of B-21 bombers and the Air Force’s decision to decrease the number of Lockheed Martin-made F-35s procured this year in favor of buying more F-15EXs from Boeing.

In total, the service will request 33 F-35As for $4.5 billion — a total of 15 fewer joint strike fighters when compared to FY22. Meanwhile, it plans to buy 24 Boeing F-15EX fighters for $1.4 billion, doubling the number procured in the previous fiscal year.”

I told them to do that (OK days after they did that).

I think the score is now

Robert 4.1 Pentagon 0

I don’t claim it is agreed that the F35 was a mistake, but procurement was just cut by 15/48 (if Congress agrees).