Honey, I’m Home

What if someone told you that one man from one mega law firm chose the last three appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court? In a new book, ‘Servants of The Damned’, David Enrich did just that, and much more. That one man was Don McGahn; the law firm, Jones Day. The suggestion leading to his being enabled to do so came from one Sen. Mitch McConnell. McGahn, a super lawyer from a powerful law firm with a right-wing agenda (better yet, a federalist Society member with an ultra-right-wing agenda) was McConnell’s kind of guy.

McGahn didn’t like government agencies telling big business what it could and could not do. The three appointees, Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett are of like minds. Sequitur: They do believe that it’s fine for the government to tell women what to do with their own bodies. That the rights of wealth and power are protected by the constitution. That the rights of minorities to vote in a free and fair election are not. The three were put on the Court to believe. To further turn the Court into a Temple. Sen. McConnell believes that a woman’s right to choose, protecting the electoral process, acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting the right of people to vote and have their vote count are ‘partisan socialism’.

What could go wrong? The ‘Big Lie’; January 6th, 2021; and the Dobbs decision for starters. Into the deep dark woods, we go. It likely will not get better soon. If at all.

What’s wrong with former President Trump taking classified documents with him when he left office? Nothing if you ask a McGahn – Trump – McConnell appointed Judge. If America aspires to being a Banana Republic, having judges who will reach the desired decision is essential. Now, even in the District Courts, decisions are often/usually predetermined by the selection of the bench. Finally, with now 234 good and faithful McGahn – Trump – McConnell appointed Judges and Justices to rescind any progress of the past few hundred years; justice to warm the cockles of Mitch’s cold, cold heart. Move it on over, Hank; Alabama, here we come!