Small Township Library’s Millage Denied by Voters

In case you missed hearing about it.

Jamestown township is located in the mostly Republican Ottawa County, Michigan. The township has refused to pass a new millage for its library. Like Ottawa County, Jamestown Township is Republican, just not as solid. Ottawa County has not voted for a Democrat for president since 1864. Instead of Lincoln, Ottawa County chose McClellan.

The township population of ~9,900 is a large part Republican. In a dispute with the Township Library over books, 62% of the eligible voters voting in the primary decided not to pass a new millage funding the library for 2023. The naysayers did not like some of the library’s books. Without new funding, the library will close eventually.

The books?

Spinning,” “Kiss Number 8,” “Gender Queer: a Memoir,” all within the young adult section.

Where I was living, we had similar book issues. “The Bluest Eye,” “Catcher in the Rye,” “The Freedom Writers,” “Black Boy,” were all contested. Livington County, Michigan is the richest county in the state and suffers from severe constipation. Some of them would be book burners if they could.

The Naysayer Commentary?

“Pray that we can make changes and make the Patmos Library a safe and neutral place for our children.” This is not even near Detroit and is on the other side of the state. You know the safe mostly white side . . .

“They are trying to groom our children to believe it’s OK to have these sinful desires,”

“It’s not a political issue, it’s a Biblical issue.”

Some Happenings?

Donations from all over the state and the nation have been pouring into the library. Some donations from as far as Europe. New funding from donations has reached $145,000. The Jamestown Patmos Library also has a reserve fund to draw upon. The danger of closing is not immediate. After both are depleted, the library will close its doors.

A new millage vote will be taken in November. It is expected by then, more people will be aware of the issues and vote. Interesting how religion, paranoia, and bullying can drive negative outcomes.


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