Here’s how Democrats can leverage abortion and Social Security in 2022

Data for Progress has new polling showing that Social Security is very popular, and that Social Security messaging helps Democrats in a generic ballot poll.    

The DFP polling comes on the heels of recent comments from Republican politicians about cutting, sunsetting, or privatizing Social Security.

So in theory Social Security looks like a good issue for Democrats, and they may bring a messaging bill up for a vote this fall. 

The problem is that Republicans have been making statements like this quietly for years, without paying a noticeable political price.  In fact, David Weakliem recently looked at historical polling on which party is most trusted to handle Social Security, and the Democrats have been ahead for almost 40 years – but only by 8 points or so.

So here is a suggestion:  in addition to a messaging bill, Democrats should link Social Security to abortion, more or less like this:

“For years Republicans told us that they opposed abortion, and many people, frankly, did not believe them.  But then the Supreme Court overturned Roe, and now Republicans are outlawing abortion even when a woman’s life is at risk, or when a child has been raped.  They are prosecuting women and doctors.

For years senior Republicans have been telling us they want to cut, privatize, or eliminate Social Security.  We should believe them.  This is not a joke.”