Pence’s Letter of Explanation Written on January 5th

As taken from “Letters from an American,” June 12, 2022, Prof. Heather Cox Richardson

“Yesterday, Politico’s Betsy Woodruff Swan and Kyle Cheney reported on January 5, 2021, then – vice president Pence’s attorney Greg Jacob wrote a three-page memo concluding what the president and his supporters were demanding Pence do the next day would break the 1887 Electoral College Act—that is, the law – in four different ways.

The memo responded to John Eastman’s memo laying out the plan for Pence to hand the election to Trump by refusing to count a number of Biden electors. Lawyer Jacob was noting Eastman himself was ‘acknowledging his proposal violates several provisions of statutory law.’ Additionally both historical court decisions and one as recent as the day before contradicted Eastman’s plan.

Jacob’s memo concluded that if Pence did what Trump demanded, the best possible outcome was that ‘[t]he Vice President would likely find himself in an isolated standoff against both houses of Congress, as well as most or all of the applicable State legislatures….’

It is no wonder that Pence declined to participate.”

This is a well-written piece. I have no issues with how it is written. Prof. Heather is an excellent writer.

The salutation of Vice President is intentionally written as vice president. Read the first sentence and tell me what is wrong, not the sentence, the thought pattern, and not Prof. Heather’s.

My response?

“How does this work? Every attorney takes an unconditional oath to support the Constitution. I do not think there are exclusions for insurrections either. The oaths may vary by state except with support for the constitution. Pence is an attorney. His attorney Greg Jacob writing a three-page letter (redundant alert) is an attorney. Greg is writing about what the ‘president and his supporters were demanding Pence do the next day would break the 1887 Electoral College Act.’ Really? John Eastman is an attorney. Most of Congress are attorneys. They all swore oaths to support the constitution.

Seems to me we can hold a mass disbarment of those who failed to take action in warning people of the insurrection on the 6th (Pence and Jacob) and those who were silent. The committee already has the evidence. These people need to experience what the inside of a jail cell looks like.

Why are there exceptions for these critters? The insurrectionists who showed up on the 6th are being dealt with in courts and jail cells. Why do they get a by? In comparison, these people are worse than the insurrectionists. They knew, sat back, and ‘let’ it all happen.

Sermon complete.”

On January 5th, Attorney Michael Pence’s attorney Greg Jacob is writing a letter about what trump and his followers are demanding Pence do on January 6th to usurp the election thereby violating the 1887 Electoral College Act.

On January 5th, Jacob is writing this letter. One day before the attack on the capitol. Ahhh does anybody get the same feeling? If Pence and Greg Jacobs are against what trump and his coconspirators are doing, why didn’t they tell anyone on the 5th? There are telephones, emails, etc. What good is a letter on January 6th? And it took three pages?