Roasting McConnell and his attacks on SCOTUS Independence

Jacob Seitz, “Twitter Users Roast Mitch McConnell After Statement on Roe v. Wade (

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As one commenter put it bluntly, “Get Bent McConnell.”

In the statement, Republican Senate Leader McConnell refers to the leaked majority opinion drafted by Justice Samuel Alito as a “stunning breach” and an “attack on the independence of the Supreme Court.” McConnell said the leak was “yet another escalation in the radical left’s ongoing campaign to bully and intimidate federal judges and substitute mob rule for the rule of law.”

Twitter users were quick to levy criticism at the 80-year-old Senator.

“The leak came from the Supreme Court, and you are criticizing the leaker, so if anyone is “attacking the independence of the Supreme Court,” it’s you,” one user wrote. “Also: Get bent.”

Another user pointed out the hypocrisy of McConnell’s statement, noting that McConnell himself attacked the independence of the court by refusing to allow former President Barack Obama to fill a Supreme Court seat in his final year as President. McConnell has called the decision “one of my proudest moments.”

“This statement is entirely about the leak,” said Stephanie Ruhle, a commentator for MSNBC. “It is NOT about women’s health.
What matters most to the people of Kentucky?”

McConnell’s statement called for an investigation into the leak.

People desperately need to be angry and vote this November. Get rid of Republicans so we do not need Manchin.