Outlawing Abortion, It is a costly Endeavor

Boston Public Radio May 19th episode held a discussion of the consequences for the nation when abortion is outlawed. The guest was Jonathan Gruber, the Ford Professor of Economics at MIT. He was involved with the ACA and the Mass health insurance system.

Getting right to it:

Based on studies: Women who wanted an abortion but could not get one are more likely to die in child birth, have worse mental health outcomes and a huge increase in serious financial difficulties. An 80% increase in bankruptcy. Increasing costs for society.

When abortion was made available, It lowered births by 10% and reduced teen motherhood by 34%. In black women there was a 30% decline in births, 1/3rd decline in maternal mortality and a 25% rise in the odds of graduating high school and going to college. All are results that reduce costs on society.

Not being able to delay having a child by even 1 year lowered wages 11% later in ones career.

When mom can not get an abortion, the resulting child is 60% more likely to be in a single parent household, 50% more likely to live in poverty, 45% more likely to live in a household receiving welfare, 40% more likely to die in the first year of life and 12% less likely to attend college.

“The bottom line is, if abortion is not available, women’s economic opportunity is limited, children are born into much more difficult circumstances and that effects those children’s prospects later in life.” All things that increase costs on society.

Here is the thing, the Supreme court received an amicus brief regarding this data. When the lawyer brought this up, Chief Roberts did not want to hear it. It was not “relevant”.

Ultimately, as noted during the discussion, Janet Yellen’s is noted as being correct. Removing abortion will place a huge tax on the nation. This will be one more path for further federal dollar inflows for the Red States who repeal abortion.. However, if it is a federal ban, then these Red states don’t stand out as net recipients of federal support for the mess they created. Of course, this assumes the Republicans would step up and increase the support of the safety net programs. There is nothing that suggest such is the case. It is quite clear Republicans/Conservatives are looking to cut if not eliminate these programs. Such was noted in the discussion by how they have turned down receiving ACA medicaid expansion money.

Lastly, Professor Gruder talks about the effect outlawing abortion will have on companies’ abilities to hire women. Where are they going to get the population that will replace women as a source of workers? Immigration? This nation has depended on women working since the economic shift in the 80’s.

Once again, the conservative way of living, one of selfishness is blinding them. Life is an experience of singularities to them. Then again, authoritarian, unitary executive allows for nothing else. It is inducing a more difficult life for themselves than is necessary. Unfortunately, the rest of us suffer too.

To keep this economic, the Right, the Republicans do not have a word for “externality”. It is a concept, a truth of life that just does not exist in their world.