Happy Easter & Hello Spring

For those up north in the hinter lands of the US. Nineties today in AZ and more of the same tomorrow.

Have some dinner with family, friends, and take in a stranger too. Give to those who need help. Practice the religion of your choice, if you have one you favor. Say hello to neighbors. Color some eggs. Easter baskets for the kids. Enjoy some marshmallow bunnies, a bunch of jellybeans, and chocolate rabbits.

And above all, be safe.

If you celebrate or observe in a different way, please let AB know. We don’t slight anyone.

In AZ? The rest of our furniture will show up in the next two weeks. We will have a table in which to eat our meals rather than a countertop. Coffee table is showing up too! And finally, the special-order drapes are scheduled to be in after 4 months. Our neighbors will no longer be able to look in at us.

Peace . . .