Or was it? How many philosophical ‘baby Hitlers’ does it take? That’s a tough one, because how could you know? By 1937, it was a no brainer. By 2002, it was a no brainer. By 2008, less than zero. Now, there is no doubt it has been discussed at the highest levels, here, in Europe, and between. Especially since February this year.

Is war a sport with rules as to what is fair and what is not? Then, one man caused the deaths of 75-80 million human beings. This guy, well on his way to a million, could easily top that. Why let him continue? Do the rules say it is better to let millions die instead of one? The one responsible? In a democratic nation, world, such a threat would be arrested and tried in a court of law. Another reason to outlaw autocracies. There is a tribunal awaiting. Maybe someday, there will be a functioning police force that can stop their rise. The key is to nip it in the bud. In this case, that would have been in and about Chechnya. Syria for sure. The poisonings in the UK.

1960, she was the CLG-3, a WWII Class Light Cruiser that was too late for the War. The G-3 was for the Talos missiles she sported. These first cruise missiles weren’t much, maybe 50 miles range, ramjet propulsion, wire guidance, … nuclear capable. Carter brought them along. Bush I showed videos of one going in a window in Iraq. Proof that at least one had been on target. From the land, air, or sea.

In 1937, they weren’t available to Poland, France, Britain, the United States. Assassination attempts all proved futile. Today, rather than the pro forma battlefield war killing lots of troops and more civilians, rather than the proverbial tiger, why not give them a ride on a cruise missile. Sovereignty doesn’t count in dictatorships, autocracies. Why must we, Ukraine, endure the invasion of Ukraine and all its terrible consequences? The possibilities of much worse?

“For god’s sake, this man should not remain in power.”