“Please Watch Out for Each Other”

“‘Love everyone and forgive everyone, including yourself.’

Jim Henson touched us all. Whether it was Sesame StreetThe Muppets, or some of his later work, Jim Henson had a place in almost everyone’s childhood. Yet he influenced an entire generation of creators too. That’s why, in 1990, after Henson met his end, Disney honored Jim Henson with this cartoon. It was sent directly to his former company.'”

Credit Walt Disney Enterprises. Mickey Mouse Consoling Kermit.

“Known for always wanting to have fun, Jim Henson had strict requirements for his funeral. Among them, no one was to wear black. The service also featured a song medley performed by Big Bird.

The untimely death of Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, from pneumonia in May 1990 at the age of 53 may have shocked many Americans who believed that bacterial infections no longer could kill with such swiftness.”

Good things do not last forever.

Mask up, maintain distance, stay out of crowds, and be safe. Covid can still kill or cause serious damage. Be safe . . .