Capitol Rioters PPP Loans are Forgiven, But Not Those Damn Students Loans

I saw this story on PPP Loans at Crooks and Liars (Chris capper Liebenthal). It was a “wow” moment.

The Capitol Rioters Had Their Big PPP Loans Forgiven by the Government” Daily Dot, Eric Leval

“The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), promised to cover the cost of employee payroll of small businesses, at a time when the entire nation was shutting down and unable to make ends meet.  

Amazingly, some of the people who received the money responded, less than a year later, by attempting to kill the very legislators who put the program in place—the ones who kept their businesses afloat and employees able to survive.

But the government is forgiving them anyway. 

In a ProPublica review of PPP data, the Daily Dot found many well-known Capitol insurrectionists have had their loans forgiven. Some were nearly a million dollars.”

Meanwhile, Allan Collinge and former students of Student Loan Justice Org. have been campaigning for student loan debt relief. They are being ignored. Congress and successive presidents do not want to take action. The reasoning here is well we did it and paid off our loans, you should be able to do so too!.

Student loan devices holding eighteen year olds, adults, and the elderly trying to get ahead has changed quite a bit since the nineties. The last nail in the student loan coffin came in 2005 when Dems and Repubs both signed the 2005 Financial Modernization Act. There is no relief, the burden grows, and less then 50% are making payments,

Miscreants attack the Capitol, as Congress counts Electoral Votes, and they receive preferential court treatment? And the government is canceling their loans? Maybe the 1 million students who signed Allan’s petition should attack the capitol too?