Cancun Ted, the “character of Democrats has been ‘revealed by a ‘time of crisis'”

Cruz Hits Biden Inflation Crisis on Squawk Box: Democrats’ Solution is to Pour Gasoline on the Fire – YouTube

At 7:20 minutes, you get to hear Cancun Ted talk about the crisis supposedly created by Democrats.

“In a time of Crisis, character is revealed. On the Democratic side, we have seen Democratic politicians are authoritarian. They will control your life. They will order you to obey and they will destroy you if you don’t.

Lets take the State of New York. Sadly, the Supreme Court would not take on an emergency appeal out of New York of doctors and nurses and medical workers who have been heroically fighting this pandemic from the beginning. And they are facing a vaccine mandate . . . “

Wow, they have to get vaccinated.

Look, this is still a Supply Chain driven inflationary cycle. Too many dollars chasing too little product. Manufacturing has been limited. Automotive failed to maintain their orders for chips again (2008/9). Long Beach unloaded containers one shift a day until asked for more shifts. Much of this is trained to the Midwest. Chassis are in short supply. There is a lot here caused by a failure of industry and industry capitalizing on the pandemic.

All of this due to a pandemic strangling the economy and then it wakes up again. If you want to return to normal, people must be vaccinated and that includes doctors and nurses regardless of religion.

Rather than discussing what can be done with the pandemic, Cancun Ted discusses the character of Democrats. Last Winter he took off to Cancun while his constituency struggled with power outages. Now that is a failure of character during a crisis.

The pandemic did start in 2020, didn’t it? And the Republicans in charge fumbled around with it and getting vaccinated. Something about their liberties should not be compromised by a vaccine without taking into consideration the threat they posed to the nation.

If you can stand the 17 minutes of listening to Cruz lie, he displays his character many times over.