We are all somewhere on the spectrum. Little doubt. Probably not on the one-dimensional line of dots or Verne’s Green Ray (Le Rayon Vert). More likely on the two-dimensional Venn when a three is needed. A point in space is needed to depict those of us who are alone out there in space; else they appear to be sitting atop something. Verne was one out there, a dot or point, in space from whence he could see a long way. Some, a very, very few, of us are just that far out.

Somewhere on the spectrum line is the whence of some of Tech’s most successful. Of those more likely to see down the line a bit. Where the average wealth is pushed way up by some of Tech’s richest when the median might mean more. Can’t spend average.

Ask, how should it be? And you shall receive. $Billions. Times before its made, dealt with, the more tangibles. Its times exploiting the new technology, changing the economy, the world. Then they asked Cornelius, then Andrew, then Thomas, then Henry, and then John D., and they all obliged as if they knew anything about anything else. What good is power if you don’t use it? Surely whatever is good for business is good for America. Social engineering and manufacturing are both but dots somewhere on some spectrum; peas in a pod. And, the NYT posted the gospel according to Cornelius, Andrew, Thomas, Henry, and John D. as written by someone paid to write it for them.

This time we let them run amok again; pretended that big really was good in spite of having learned better the hard way before. First it was Bill and Steve knows best. Anyone that rich must be really smart. Then, let Mark and Jeff, Larry and Sergey, run America; the world. Social engineering and surveillance capitalism aren’t all that different. Anyone that can make electric cars can surely fix the economy and would surely know what is wrong with our government; with our economy.