On the road again

And heading South out of Denver into the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.

Get to “Dan” for issues and problems. More on healthcare when I settle in tonight, Doing some deeper dives into Biden’s ACA modifications, Medicare, and Jayapal’s Bill. Have to split them apart otherwise it would be as long as the opioid’s post.

You should read the long Purdue – opioid post, if you have not. I layout the time line of when Purdue introduced OxyContin, the resulting increase in deaths (Senate detail). and also the abuse in citing the 1980 Jick and Porter letter to the NEJM which said the use of opioids, etc. was safe when used in a “hospital setting.”

Guess which words were eliminated when cited in the sale of OxyContin? Purdue and others abused the use of that letter in order to promote OxyContin.

Be Safe . . . later!

run75441 (Bill)