Fraud or No Fraud, Restraining the Vote is the Purpose

Much of Michigan is touting Republican State Senator Ed McBroom who led an investigation into Michigan’s supposed voting fraud. He found none and openly admitted there was none in his report. Senator and dairy farmer Ed McBroom also called for the prosecution of those who capitalized on the supposed voting fraud by starting defense funds and collecting donations. He also called upon the Democrat Michigan AG to investigate those who were promoting voting lies for monetary gain. And especially those who did so using the Antrim County saga.


Bridge Michigan: A U.P. senator stood up to Trump. His career may suffer. His cows don’t care.

That report, authored by McBroom and adopted last week by the Republican-led Senate Oversight Committee, capped a nearly eight-month investigation into the 2020 election by diving deep into conspiracy theories and debunking them with devastating specificity.

There is no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan, and people should be confident in the results, McBroom wrote. The dead didn’t vote, ballot machines weren’t manipulated and the attorney general should investigate those making false claims for personal gain, he added.

Trump, who continues to claim the election was “rigged,” responded in predictable fashion: Over three consecutive days, he accused McBroom of a “cover up,” suggested he may be “corrupt” and urged supporters to “overthrow” the first-term senator in the 2022 election.

Slate:Michigan Republican Who Stood Up to Trump’s Fraud Claims, Still Wants to Restrict the Vote, Because of ‘Fraud‘”

But the biggest issue with McBroom is while McBroom’s report touts the truth, McBroom himself is still calling for changes to the state’s election system. And his reason for supporting bills that would require ID for mail-in ballots and in-person voting? Fraud . . .

MLIVE Michigan: Michigan Senate passes controversial election bills that put emphasis on ID requirements

The Michigan Senate approved three bills Wednesday that would change some of the state’s election laws, putting an emphasis on ID requirements for in-person voters.

Should the Republican-backed election bills become law, absentee voters would have to take additional steps to ensure their ballot is counted.

The controversial election reform bills passed the Michigan Senate along party lines Wednesday amid contentious debate over the purpose of the legislation.


In the end and after an eight month investigation and there being no findings of voting fraud in Michigan, the UP diary farmer Senator Ed McBroom, idolized in all the news print and reports, is calling for new voting laws. This also comes after the mostly Republican Michigan county and township clerks testified to there was no fraud. 


“the bills should not be seen as challenging the validity of the November election, but as ways to tighten ‘safeguards’ from ‘real vulnerabilities.’

I have been reassured by the resilience of our election system, but while the system’s safeguards held, real vulnerabilities do exist. To ensure the long-term health and viability of elections in our state, these issues must be resolved, and the reforms introduced today will address those problems and help modernize and secure our election laws now and in the future.

We must strive to assure all people that every election is worthy of their participation.”

Michigan Senate GOP debuts election reforms critical of Secretary of State’s handling of November election –

If I get a chance, I will search for the vulnerabilities McBroom and Republicans claim exist. The old you can vote twice if you receive a mail-in-ballot just by showing up at the polls. This possibility does not exist. When you go to vote, they check the register and the mail-in-ballot shows up there.