Benghazi People Vs The January 6 Committee

Gotta give credit where credit is due. If not for my morning readings at other sites, I would not have run across this gem at Crooks and Liars as done by Chris capper Liebenthal.

This gentleman, ahh redneck, paints the situation a bit differently than what I or other more learned (than I) people might do having a tendency to speak in elegant, technical, and formal verbiage. It is said plain and simple in this case. Now if you can not stand a few harsh words along the way of getting to the point, this clip is not for you. Fair warning!

Republicans investigating Hillary Clinton so many times, she could have video taped her replies displaying them on a wall for Republicans.

Now here are the Democrats selecting House committee members, inviting Republican participants, if they choose to participate, and except for a few renegades; McCarthy and the rest balk. Did they think this is going away,

May 2021, “Without this commission, there will still be an investigation. But it will be a House select-committee set up by Speaker Pelosi – the nature of which will be entirely dictated by Democrats and would stretch on for years.” Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA)

Enjoy the clip.