The Role of The Big Lie

Usually, lies are told for purpose. So, in most cases, if we can determine whose purpose is being served, we will know who is behind the lie.

Whose interests were being served by the Confederacy during the American Civil War? Sure as heck wasn’t those of the yeomen farmers who did most of the fighting and dying. There’s a good chance that it was the planters who told the lies that got so many killed. Heady stuff; people knowingly and willingly telling lies to people that were willing enough to believe in enough to die for those lies.

Whose interests are being served by American Capitalism? Free Markets? Who’s putting up the perpetuating? Sure as heck isn’t the lower fifty-percent.

Who in America’s interests were best served by the Vietnam War, the Invasion of Iraq? Sure wasn’t all those dead and wounded. Wasn’t the rest of the lower fifty, either.

The lower fifty is constantly being admonished to work hard and do the right thing? Who says what is the right thing. Who benefits most from all the hard work?

Who in America’s interests were best served by offshoring all those jobs? Certainly wasn’t in the interests of all those who died from Methamphetamine and Opiates.

In whose best interests is America’s ‘worst in the advanced world’ healthcare system? The dead can’t talk? Too bad.

In whose best interests is America having a lower than living minimum wage? Whose are they that are getting more than their fair share and want to keep it that way?

In whose interests was it to take America back fifty-sixty years? Those whose support system is based on white supremacy, maybe?

Speaking of Trump: Trump lied impulsively with purpose; the purpose being his own interests.

The Big Lie is such a big part of America, where would we be without it? What would we do without it?