“Save the Post Office” launches new Service Performance Dashboard

Save The Post Office‘s, Steve Hutkins

With all the attention to delivery delays over the past several months and the Postmaster General’s plans to relax delivery standards — as well as calls for more transparency about postal operations — this seems like a good time to launch a Service Performance Dashboard.

The Postal Service itself publishes a useful service performance dashboard, but it shows only quarterly performance scores, and it just goes back a year. The Postal Service has also started a second dashboard that uses its new organizational structure of divisions and regions, but at this point it only shows FY2021 Q1.  For more detailed reports, you need to dig around in the website of the Postal Regulatory Commission, and the reports there usually need to be downloaded in order to see them. Some of the PRC’s reports, like those requested recently from the USPS as part of the annual compliance review (discussed in this post), are almost impossible to find if don’t know where to look.

The “Save the Post Office” Dashboard provides easy access to the recent performance reports shared by the Postal Service not only with the PRC but also with Congress, the courts (as part of litigation involving mail delays), and FOIA requests. The Dashboard has quick links to the reports, many of which are weekly rather than quarterly, and we’ve posted them on Google Drive so you don’t have to download to view them. The Dashboard also includes some charts showing trend lines over the past couple of years. In addition, the Dashboard page has a brief explanation of what “service standards,” “service performance” and “service targets” are all about.

There’s a link to the Service Performance Dashboard on the top menu, and a link is here.