GOP ‘Electors’ In Michigan Turned Away By State Police

Michigan did not miss out on all the fun on Elector’s Day this last Monday.

I was listening to Stephen Miller talk (Fox New Telecast) about sending Alternative Electors to state capitals to vote for a “trump” in place of Biden President as selected by the popular vote in each state. Sending alternative electors did not include every state in the union and just the ones which had voted with mail-in ballots. And illegally according to the claims of some pundits and commenters. To which every level of court in the US up to SCOTUS have proclaimed the voting process was legal. Still the contesting is going on today with trump filing in New Mexico also.

Stephen never mentioned Alternative Electors for Michigan in a Fox New Telecast (displayed at Crooks and Liars) early on in his broadcast which I thought was rather odd since trump met with the Michigan Senate Leader (Shirkey) and the House Speaker Lee Chatfield. “trump” after calling for them to come to Washinfton D. C. Like good boys, they went. The after-thought was, Shirkey and Chatfield would do something stupid and rile people . . . most likely Dems . . . up. The Repubs are devious; but not smart.

Karoli Kuns writes at Crooks and Liars,

“Republicans claiming to be ‘electors’ tried and failed in their bogus performative effort to gain entry to the room where the real electors were voting in Michigan’s state capitol.

This must have been what Stephen Miller was talking about this morning when he said there would be “alternate electors” sent to vote for Donald Trump.

A group of self-appointed ‘electors’ went to Michigan’s state capitol, expecting to be admitted, only to be turned away by the state police. When they demanded to be let in, an officer explained that the Capitol was closed unless they had an office there, or were taking part in the Electoral College process.

“We’re electors!” someone shouted out.

“The electors are already here,” the officer replied. ‘They’ve been checked in.’

“Not all of them,” someone in the group whined.

“The Capitol is closed,” the officer told them, while he affirmed that all 16 electors were in the building.

Undeterred, a man shouted out, ‘Not the GOP electors!'”

Well as you can see, the State or Capital Police met the Republican Electors at the door and turned them away. Michigan did what it was supposed to do and cast its Electoral Votes for Biden who won the state by an impressive 154,000 votes over “trump.”

I am still wondering what the Republicans may pull off in Michigan as they own majorities in both the Senate and the House which is not unusual. They did not go to Washington D.C. just to drink champagne.