Is Hawley Right?

Josh Hawley is running for president; has been since he was big enough to walk. On the night of the November 2020 election, Josh Hawley, Junior Senator from Missouri, tweeted that henceforth the republican party was the party of the working class; and the democratic party was the party of the elites. Is Senator Hawley right?

Josh Hawley will be forty-one on December 31, 2020. The only Republican Presidents he’s known were Reagan, Bush, Bush and Trump. The Democratic Presidents he’s known were Clinton, and Obama. Both Clinton and Obama made their way up from poverty and broken homes by dint of intelligence and hard work. Reagan matriculated from Hollywood and the G.E. Theater Graduate School; both Bushes, worked their way up from the Brahman Elite via one of the Ivies; Trump worked his way up from Corrupted NYC Elite; holds an advanced degree in The Con. Other than having been born and raised in an intact upper middle class family, Hawley has more in common with Clinton and Obama than he does with the republican presidents of his lifetime; he is obviously very bright.

His biography of Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt: Preacher of Righteousness, evidently speaks to the inter workings of Roosevelt’s mind in 336 pages; we can expect the obligatory book about himself within the next couple of years. Theodore Roosevelt came from, was of, the wealthy elite. Had a strong sense of noblesse oblige. Went from being an imperialist to being a populist? What with the trust busting, progressiveness and all, he was certainly president during a transitional period in US History.

Noblesse oblige: the obligation of honorable, generous, and responsible behavior associated with high rank or birth.

Ambition: : an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power; desire to achieve a particular end.

A distinction with a difference; seems Josh Hawley is a boll weevil looking for a home. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Is he foreseeing a sea change like that following the Civil Rights, Voting Rights Acts, that saw the Democratic/Dixiecrat south become Republican? The one of the 20th century that saw the industrial north, Republican during the Civil War, become a New Deal Democratic stronghold?

Getting back to who represents who in America: The Republican Party has been looking for a constituency for awhile. The Chamber of Commerce, and Business; lots of money, not enough votes. The adjuncts of racism, evangelicalism, gerrymandering, and the electoral college have been working pretty well for some 50 yrs now. But, some people are starting to get their backs up about these tactics; even saying they are undemocratic.

If the Republican party is really serious about representing the working class, maybe, for starters, they should stop opposing increases in the minimum wage, access to health care, … Many, perhaps, a majority, of the working class are Black, Hispanic, or other Minority, the very same that the aforementioned party has, for years and years, worked hard to deny the vote. People in construction say, suspect the data will soon show, that a lot of union workers voted for Trump. Lot of union workers voted for Reagan, too. In both cases, it certainly wasn’t because their candidate of choice was pro union, or pro working class. Didn’t work out well the first time; didn’t this time.

Someone as intelligent, and young, as Josh Hawley could be the perfect candidate for this time of great change. One intelligent enough to correctly assess the changes in America and the world. One not bound by the old dogmas that are no longer relevant. The problem is, that Josh, in his ascendancy, has toadied up to: Trump, the NRA, and the Evangelicals. That’s hardly Noblesse oblige, more naked ambition, Josh. More like a Ted Cruz, or a Marco Rubio.