2020 Voter Fraud

First, look at the political make up the states from where all the noise of voter fraud is coming. These states have:

  • Republican legislatures as determined by Gerrymandering.
  • A trifecta (possibly) which is a Republican Governor and legislature.
  • A historical turnout of voters in 2020.
  • A higher turnout of Democratic voters than Republican.
  • A reversal of votes from Repubs to Democrats historically or from 2016 to 2020 (MI, WI, and PA)
  • Had a normal percentage of votes for Others, Libertarian, etc. candidates in 2020 as compared to 2016.

Enough people woke up to the tyranny of trump and Republicans. It is rich that each one of the states trump is complaining about is either 100% controlled by Republicans or at least has a Repub controlled legislature. Michigan has its Republican controlled legislature.  Georgia has a trifecta (Republican legislature and governor) as does Arizona. Pennsylvania has a Republican Legislature, as does North Carolina and Wisconsin. These were the states in play this election.

Nevada has had a Democratic  legislature since 2008 and has a Dem Gov. for the first time since 1994.

If there were issues with the vote in these states, Republicans had all of the control and worked to block any Democratic governors.

Michigan was a blowout for Dems voting for Biden as President achieving ~140,000 more votes than trump. 725,000 more votes were cast in 2020. The Michigan Republican legislature did block a requested early count of mailed-in votes to stymie the process and they still lost. Data from five populous Michigan counties with high-profile Democratic and Republican races indicate Democratic absentee participation was higher than GOP participation. In Livingston, Oakland, Kent, Ingham and Wayne counties, Democratic absentee participation ranged between 70% and 80% of overall Democratic turnout, while Republican absentee use ranged between 45% and 55% of overall GOP ballots. Not sure why they included Livingston county s it is only has 175,000 people in it.

Given the percentages voting Democrat by mail-in ballots, it is no wonder the Republicans were working hard to slow the counting down and then complain to the courts of excess time and fraud.

However, there is no recount or legal process which will change 140,000 votes to become erroneous votes either. The discovered errors in Antrim County and Rochester occurred under the governance of county officials who were Republicans and the errors were corrected with one being done by a Democrat. The same courts which Republicans advocate for to determine state issues, the Michigan state courts, threw the Republicans cases out for lacking foundation to support their complaints of voting fraud and counting mail in votes. And yesterday, Republicans turned to the more conservative Western District Federal court with their complaints.

In 2016, no Republican was whining when Repub A.G. Schuette in Michigan refused to review 75,000 votes in MI after the 2016 election and a Federal judge turned down Stein who was advocating for such  .  .  .   Dems were told to suck it up in 2016.

In Georgia, Republicans turned on the Republican Secretary of State blaming him (Brad Raffensperger) for the runoff elections to be had in January of Congressional Senators. Both candidates also blame the Georgia Secretary of State. Brad has refused to resign.

After calling his mom and dad constituents on national political TV shows to send money so he can beat South Carolina senatorial candidate Jamie Harris, a now emboldened winning Lindsey Graham sent to the soon-to-be-dumped president trump a half a $million to fight what they call election fraud. The word is trump is using that money as well as other money to pay off bills. The worried Graham about losing was a charade and the Republican constituents fell for it. Then too, maybe he just wanted enough money to retire on if he lost? I think not as his bleating came late in the election and the polls reflected he would win biggly.

Just another political charade by Republicans to fool their constituents as we Democrats can only look-on and shake our heads.