Let them eat bleach

Assuming Trump recovers from the coronavirus and resumes campaigning, this is what I would like to hear from Joe Biden (perhaps at a debate):
Like all Americans, I am glad you recovered and avoided serious damage to your health.  But I also think that you owe an apology to all the Americans who have lost family members to the coronavirus or who are suffering from serious health complications.  The fact is, when they were suffering from this terrible disease, you refused to take it seriously.  You lied about it the health risks.  You encouraged people not to wear masks.  When they got sick, you joked that they should inject themselves with bleach.  You told them to use untested and potentially dangerous medications.
But when you got sick, you took the disease very seriously.  You got access to the most advanced experimental drugs.  You got flown on Marine One to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  Many Americans were told to stay away from hospitals with more serious symptoms than you had; some choked to death at home.
An American President needs to take the lives of all Americans seriously.  You can’t change your past words and actions, but you can apologize for them.  So I am asking you, right now, to apologize directly to Americans who have suffered from this virus for your refusal to take it seriously.
And maybe a word or two on competence:
As President, you had access to all the power and resources of the United States government.  Yet you lacked the minimal competence to keep the White House safe.  How can we trust you to keep this vast country safe?