Trumpian by Ken Melvin

Let’s take a look at the ‘Greatest’ Trump Economy. The first graph shows the BLS Civilian Unemployment rate from 2000 t0 2020. Use the link for a better look Civilian unemployment rate

If you look really close, no you have to look a little closer yet, you can see the Trump effect.

The second graph is the FRED Gross Domestic Product Gross Domestic Product . By clicking on the link you can shorten the period to 2000-2020. It might help find the Trump Effect (the graph, not an abstract of the graph, too).

The third graph is of the FRED Gross National Product Gross National Product. By clicking on the link you can shorten the period to 2000-2020. Again, it might help you find the Trump Effect.

I couldn’t find it either. All three curves continue in an almost perfectly straight line from 2010. Wasn’t it in War and Peace that Tolstoy told us that Napoleon only thought he was driving the train of history; in truth, they were just letting him blow the train’s whistle. What will history make of Trump? The only thing the man is any good at is blowing his own horn.  On for the ride, none of it his doing.

How important is this election? The time to head up the pandemic was back in January-February while the numbers were still low. The Trump Administration dawdled away January, February, and March; three critical months. Now, we are in a hell of a mess. We have millions infected all across the Nation. Going to be hard to head this up now. Trump doesn’t understand the dynamics of the pandemic, is too lazy and ignorant to learn, and he won’t listen to the experts.  300,000? 600,000? … he doesn’t care to be bothered about how many die.