Just Saying

We the majority 60% are being tyrannized by the minority 40%. Other the democratically elected House of Representatives, we are being governed by a President and Senate that are not representative of us, that oppose our majority positions. We the majority are being particularly tyrannized by the current Senate Majority leader who is from the small state of Kentucky. Kentucky is a state of less than 4.5 million population that gets back about $2.40 for every dollar it sends to Washington D.C. No doubt, Kentucky has a lot of poor folks who really need the money. If indeed it’s the poor getting the money, and if it’s not going through the hands of some multimillionaire republican farmer before they get anything at all; then you are more than welcome folks. It does seem hardly fair that in return for our hard earned money you give us a couple of sorry arsed Senators like Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. Hey Kentuckians, America needs you to wake up before McConnell destroys America, the very goose that lays your eggs, and ’tis you Kentuckians who are responsible for Mitch. Surely you can do better than this? Could you, just for the sake of the nation, please at least try a little harder?

Kentucky is one of six states that receive at least twice as much as they pay in. In addition, there are other red states like Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi that benefit disproportionately from defense spending; receiving roughly twice as much defense largesse per capita as most other states. Most of this defense money is coming from blue states which is not that different from them sending money to poor people in Kentucky, excepting this money goes first through the hands of defense contractors who: are not at all poor and hire lobbyist whom they pay with … defense money. Glad to oblige with the jobs, but, as thanks, could you please quit sending such sorry pols to Washington DC? For a change, maybe send some that put people and the nation first? Some that work to serve the people and not the interest of the wealthy?

Easy enough to point out the awful nothingness of the likes of Texas’ Cruz, Cornyn, and Gohmert; Kentucky’s duo; Louisiana’s Kennedy, Missouri’s pair of Jokers, Georgia’s pair of deuces; …; but, it was you Texans, Louisianans, Missourians, Georgians, … that sent them. When Mitch and Donald gave blue states the bird, your elected good for nothings lined up in support. Is this any way to treat us blue staters after all we’ve done for you over the years? America can’t make the changes needed in order to survive with this caliber of legislators. Surely you have better to offer. Some of your young black leaders are really smart; well deserving of a shot. This bent white southern male politician, given to pontification, on the make, shtick has gotten real old. And, please, oh pretty please, send us no more goddamned Baptist preachers.

What say ye my fellow majority of Americans, shall we hold those responsible responsible? Madam Speaker, is it not time to do a little something to get these folks attention? To send the message that they need to be more responsible? The writer from North Carolina said, “To the south, the Civil War is not over, it’s just half-time.” It is time and time for this crap to stop. No more. They have already done our nation more than enough harm. Time for whites in the south to let go of the south, to fully embrace democracy, to be Americans first and only; or to just get out of the way.

While you are at it Madam Speaker, we of the majority are of majority opinion that it sure would be nice if there was some way of exacting direct retribution on Mitch’s sorry arse this side of the hereafter.