Topical thread

by rjs
Once again, here are the links to this week’s coronavirus news collections, as posted overnight at Econintersect:
New coronavirus cases in the US were down another 10% this week, and the week’s virus death toll was down by about the same percentage, so my projection that deaths would continue rising another two or three weeks was clearly off the mark….if deaths don’t spike back up, the current wave of the virus will mean a US virus death rate of about 2% of those who test positive…that a big improvement from the 8% to 10% of those who tested positive who were dying early on…it’s hard to say how much of that is due to better care, or simply the big increase in the number who are now being tested and being confirmed positive…it could also be demographics; as more young people have been catching the disease in this recent wave, and their cases tend to be less severe..
The “economic’ news here includes a thread of articles on the failed virus relief negotiations in Congress and Trump’s subsequent executive orders to enact parts of the package anyhow, several articles on Friday’s jobs report, and another batch of articles on school’s plans for this fall, which barely scratches the surface because they’re probably discussing what to do in every school district in America…